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As I continue to write on this blog, I'm also going to use it to show off some highlight projects I've worked on. This will allow me to show off more of the process that goes into my work.

In 2013, I was consulted to work on developing some new ways to refresh the Transcend Coffee brand. It had remained fairly consistent since the beginning of the company and so a bit of a refresh was needed.

The Brief
Because the packaging is the most important part of the Transcend Coffee brand and the main product, it needs to stand out from the competition. As Transcend was expanding to new wholesale customers and grocery stores across the country, it needed a unique style that will draw in new customers. The packaging should also represent the high quality of the product inside, so a high-end feel was necessary.

The Process
As I researched the packaging industry, figuring out which things work well and which features are unnecessary, I started to piece together the most effective ways to create an outstanding coffee bag. It had to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and convey a message in a concise format.



The Solution
After reviewing four different concepts, we went with the boldest direction of the batch. This design met all of the criteria and pushed the limits with people's expectations. The bright geometric pattern stands out on any shelf and the gloss printing we used helps make it noticeable. The experience of holding the bag is heightened with a gloss overlay pattern on the back and punched out pattern on the sides. Hierarchy is used to benefit the readability of the label, with the most important information front and centre.

The bag has been a major success in both the business and public side of the company. Wholesale accounts have grew substantially and general sales increased dramatically.

The Dieline even did a feature on this! 

Joel Verhagen is a graphic designer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada specializing in
print design, packaging design, and branding.

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