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I've learned a lot over the first two years of running my own business, but the main thing I struggle with is coping with fear. It's strange that I can't trust fear even though fear is what got me here.

When I got out of school, I had two choices - find a job or go out on my own. I chose the latter because I've always had that thirst to pave my own path. It was terrifying, and honestly, I took the safer, less daunting path because I couldn't handle the fear. Instead of dropping everything and starting a business, instead I took a year to organically build up a client base by developing relationships with people and companies. This process not only allowed me to stay afloat financially, but also allowed me to start working on projects I truly cared about. I didn't let the fear turn me away from doing what I love, and now I have plenty to show for it.

There is so much uncertainty in business because there is always the possibility of failure. I don't really know if my fear will ever go away, but it needs to be embraced and you must, as Seth Godin says, dance with it.

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