Tamiri Bites

In a market where there is an influx of healthy food products, new companies need to bring something truly unique to the world. Tamiri is one such company. As an upstart in Edmonton, Canada, they carefully handcraft raw, vegan, gluten-free treats, from truffles to cakes. The use of texture and colour is paramount to the appeal of the products and this quality needed to come through in the marketing and packaging.

The truffle packaging is inspired by the aesthetic of the truffles themselves, colourful and patterned. The pattern was created to reflect the look of the truffles and is used as the primary focus to draw customer's eye to the product. The boxes were chosen for both cost and to showcase these brand new products. Transparency is always critical with locally made goods and with the work that goes in to making the truffles good looking, they need to be shown off.

The back of the label shows the mission statement and main points, "gluten-free, dairy free, egg-free, no sugar added" to give the customer a quick glance of the products health features.

The single label wraps around the bottom of the box, leaving the top wide open serving as a window into the product. Having only one label also improves packing efficiency and keeps cost down.