Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee has been an Edmonton based coffee roaster since 2003, ethically sourcing coffee and brewing to quality. As the company grows, quality increases and the brand evolves to always stay strong and innovative. Part of this evolution was to take a step further with the overall image of the company. During the process of setting key values, the company decided it was time for a brand evolution.

The most crucial aspect of the brand centres around the main product, coffee. Packaging is what gets the product into people's hands, whether they are a brand new customer or a long time patron.

Building off of the existing branding, the bag was designed to attract customers and show off the quality of the product. Transcend has always been a colourful, yet minimal company which was interpreted in the design. 

The label was created to be both functional and versatile. The information 
customers commonly look for is displayed prominently, and for coffee enthusiasts, more details are available in the small text.

Colour was used to differentiate between the different types of coffee profiles: Filter (yellow), Espresso (red), and Decaf (blue).

Various printing techniques were used. Gloss was used on various shapes and the logo to draw the eye and on the back to create physical texture. On the sides, partial printing allowed the metallic material to shine though and create texture. 

As a result of this design combined with the exceptional quality of Transcend's product, coffee sales and wholesale accounts have increased tremendously.